See your power

Powerpal makes your smart meter smarter

Powerpal connects your electricity meter to your smart phone.

The Powerpal app reveals your power usage in real-time and keeps track of your history, helping you to make better decisions about the way you use energy.

Avoid surprise bills

With Powerpal you can set a monthly spend target and see how you’re tracking in real time.

You’ll receive alerts to tell you if you’re on target, and get some tips to get back on track if you’re not.

Make informed choices

Wouldn’t it be great to know how much it costs to run your air conditioning? Or the heater? Or the lights the kids are constantly leaving on upstairs?

With Powerpal you can see how your energy use changes when you turn on and off your home appliances, so you can take control of how you want to use energy in your home.

See day by day usage trends at a glance

Powerpal shows you in a simple visual way how your home is consuming energy day to day.

You can use Powerpal to see the times you’re using the most energy and where your money is going.

Saving energy can be rewarding too

During peak demand times Powerpal will ask you if you can help reduce the load on the energy grid.

You can choose how, but simple actions like turning down the air conditioning for a while could earn you goodies like free cinema tickets and shopping vouchers!

The big power users may not be obvious

That old beer fridge in the garage could be adding up to $400 a year to your energy bill… that’s a lot of money for a few cold beers!

Powerpal helps you track down the energy hogs in your home and alerts you if there’s a problem you should know about.

Be smart with more efficient energy use

By combining Powerpal with a time of use tariff you could access cheaper energy during off-peak times.

Simple changes like running your dishwasher after 10pm can add up to big savings on your bill.