Such a pleasure to have both a device and partner app which works so well.
I’d give it more stars if I could – HIGHLY recommended!
– Dave N.

See day by day usage trends at a glance

Powerpal shows you in a simple visual way how your home is consuming energy day to day.

You can use Powerpal to see the times you’re using the most energy and where your money is going. Simple changes like running your dishwasher later in the evening can add up to big savings on your bill.

Great app! I find myself checking it multiple times a day – it's really interesting to see how our home appliances use energy.
– Lee H.

Make the most of your solar investment

Got rooftop solar? Use Powerpal to soak up all that free energy.

Use Powerpal to see times when your solar is fully powering your home and you are not drawing energy from the grid. This is a great time to run occasional appliances like the washing machine or the dryer and use more power when it's free!

Already working out ways to save on that power bill.
Our last bill was $250 cheaper than before!
– Ashley F.

Connecting to Powerpal for the first time

Your Powerpal has been sleeping in its packaging and will only wake up when installed on your meter and exposed to the flashing light.

You will not be able to connect to your Powerpal before following the installation guide!

Installed your Powerpal yet?

Powerpal is incredibly easy to self-install and only takes two minutes to connect to your electricity meter.

Watch our installation video and learn how to install Powerpal on your meter here.

Install your Powerpal