What can you do to combat rising prices?

The decision by many energy retailer to increase their tariff prices, some by 25%, places many households under further stress as the cost of living sky rockets around Australia. If you have received your letter of the increase, you may be wondering, what is the next step in finding a better deal or what can I do to reduce my energy consumption. In the post we’ll break down the 5 steps you can take to combat the incoming price rises.


1. Know your energy charges

Your energy retailer, by law, has to inform you of any pricing increase. The letter or email they send you sometimes won’t seem as obvious or may be hidden in the details. Look for the section that explains any changes to your daily supply charges and general usage charges. We’ve also seen some retailers take the approach to compare basic plans that may not be right for a household to the new incoming charges. It is always best to compare your current charges to the new charges on the same plan. If your charges have changed remember to update the tariff information here (link will only work if you are using the phone or tablet with your Powerpal app installed).

2. Shop around for a better deal

With this sharp increase in the market some retailers are offering great discounts to entice customers to their business. There are some great deals in the marketplace such as Amber’s flexible energy offering which gives Australian’s access to cheaper energy during high renewable times. You can grab a quote from them here. We recommend that you know your current plan and usage habits to inform any energy plan you would be entering into. As some plans may not suit your usage habits and end up costing you more in the long run.

3. Keep up-to-date with your Powerpal

Your Powerpal device is a secret weapon in combatting your energy bill. By connecting your device to your app, you can receive alerts on your usage through the weekly report and other insights on your energy usage including when and what devices are using the most energy in your home. To connect your app with your Powerpal device make sure you are in range using Bluetooth and connect to the Powerpal device plugged into your smart meter.

Troubleshoot connecting to Powerpal via Apple device

Troubleshoot connecting to Powerpal via Android device

4. Choose when you use energy

By using energy during off-peak periods you support the use of cheaper renewable energy, this means that the overall cost of the energy production will be less as fewer fossil fuels will be needed to support the grid. With more reliance on the renewables in the grid we can start to affect the overall cost of energy supply to our nation with the added benefit of reducing Australia’s carbon footprint.

5. Increase your energy efficiency

Powerpal has been at the forefront of informing our users on any energy rebates, products and initiatives that can reduce your overall energy bill. For example there is currently a heat pump rebate for Victorians looking to upgrade their current water heater. Take a look at that here. We will also be rolling out in the application a number of things you can do to reduce your overall consumption and create a home that is energy efficient.