We’re pleased to advise that following the recent move to Step Three of Victoria’s roadmap for reopening the Victorian Government has again restarted incentives under the Victorian Energy Upgrades scheme. If you have registered for a free Powerpal installation over the last few months please keep an eye out for an SMS from us soon to arrange a time for your installation to be completed.

The lockdown has resulted in a large backlog of requests for installation so please bear with us while we work through it. We currently have more than 10,000 Victorian households on our wait list and will be contacting everyone who has registered for a free Powerpal under the scheme to arrange a time to complete your installation over the next few weeks.

Our aim is to have the backlog fully cleared before Christmas.

If you have registered please rest assured we will be in touch and appreciate your patience — we understand that you will be excited to receive your Powerpal but contacting our support desk will only slow things down not speed them up!

If you have not yet registered for a Powerpal installation under the program or know someone who would like to do so you can access the signup form on our website at www.powerpal.net.

An important note on COVID safety

The safety and wellbeing of Powerpal customers and staff is our highest priority.

Installation of Powerpal is undertaken outside of the home at the meter box and takes less than 10 minutes, so carries a low risk of COVID transmission. However, as we restart installations we will be following a COVIDSafe plan aligned to current DHHS published best practice:

  • Before confirming your Powerpal appointment via the SMS link we will ask you to confirm that you are not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 and are not currently self isolating
  • If you wish to supervise the installation of Powerpal at your meter box we ask that you maintain a distance of at least 1.5m from your installer
  • When the installer collects your signature for the government rebate form we will use a “digital handoff” process within the Powerpal app that requires zero contact

In addition all of our installers have received training in COVID safe practices and are equiped with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, including masks and hand sanitiser.

The department has published comprehensive guidance on COVID safe practices for the Victorian Energy Upgrades program which can be reviewed here.