Shifting your energy usage can save you money

Australians strive towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy future where we are more reliant on renewable energy. One effective way to support this movement is by shifting our energy consumption to off-peak times and jumping onto a flexible energy plan.

Off-peak hours are usually when renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, are at their peak production and it is generally the cheapest time to use energy. So what does the renewable energy landscape in Australia look like? What are some of the other benefits of off-peak energy usage?  And how you can you shift your energy consumption to off-peak periods?

Australia’s renewable energy landscape

  • We’re making remarkable progress in renewable energy adoption. According to a recent report, renewable sources contributed approximately 36% to the country’s electricity generation in June ’23. This figure is projected to grow even further in the coming years as investments in renewable infrastructure continue. When we use our energy in off-peak times, we can actively support this transition and accelerate our nation’s renewable energy goals by consuming energy when there are more renewable sources in the grid.

The benefits

  • Renewable energy has lower production costs compared to traditional fossil fuel-based sources due to fuel costs (renewables don’t rely on costly fuels), lower operational and maintenance costs, technological advancements (improved efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs), and policy support (incentives and subsidies). By shifting your energy usage to periods of high renewable energy production you can save money with the right flexible energy plan, grab a quote below from Amber on a flexible energy plan, and also support the consumption of greener energy that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to generate electricity.

Shift your usage

  • A great way to start shifting your energy usage to off-peak times is with the help of modern technology. Home heating and cooling devices usually come with a timed function so you can maintain your home’s temperature. By timing the use of these devices you can significantly shift your energy consumption without compromising your home’s heating and cooling, and save money when you are taking advantage of a flexible energy plan. Timers are a great way to utelise off-peak periods without changing your weekly kWh. High energy appliances can run just as much but at a time when you can consume the high renewable energy in our grid.

If you aren’t taking advantage of a flexible energy plan then we recommend that you get a quote from Amber, their unique model gives Australians access to wholesale energy prices during off-peak periods making them the perfect fit for your energy needs. If you are interested to see how much an Australian energy retailer can save you then click the button below.

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