Solar, batteries and wholesale energy a match made in heaven

Energy prices continue to rise and for many Australians the appeal of solar and solar batteries to reduce the cost of living pressures heightens. In this post we break down the synergy between solar, batteries and the wholesale energy market to open opportunities to capitalise on renewable energy and push for a cleaner brighter future. The building blocks of harnessing the sun’s energy to reduce our energy reliance on fossil fuels begins with the installation of a solar system and the capacity to store this energy, it ends with our reliance on the grid to top up our energy consumption and how we sell our excess energy in the wholesale market.

Solar Power

At the heart of this match made in heaven lies solar power, the backbone of clean energy generation. Solar panels harness the abundant energy from the sun, converting it into usable electricity. By investing in solar energy, we can reduce our reliance on traditional fossil fuel-based power generation. Unfortunately with a solar panel system alone, we are reliant on the sun shining and using energy at the appropriate time, limiting the reliance on renewable energy.

Battery Storage
Battery storage systems play a vital role in optimising energy management. Excess energy generated by solar panels during the day is stored in batteries for later use, in periods when direct solar energy is not available. By efficiently managing energy flow, batteries help to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use throughout your consumption. Batteries also allow you the capability to sell off your excess energy back into the grid. Although many retailers will have a fixed rate meaning you won’t be getting the maximum value for your energy exports.

Wholesale Energy Market
The wholesale energy market provides a platform for buying electricity at a reduced cost during high renewable periods and the ability to sell energy during high demand periods. Paired with the right energy retailer your solar and battery system allows you to participate in these markets, enabling you to monetise your excess energy production when energy prices are at their highest. Also having access to the wholesale market can mean that you can top up your battery during times when energy prices are at their cheapest. This dynamic interaction helps you save money and use more renewable energy. Amber provides their customers with access to the wholesale market and their Amber for Batteries platform is designed to give you the control you need to optimise your energy set-up and supercharge your savings.

Installing a solar and battery system may have some government rebates to help with the high initial costs of installing. We encourage any Powerpal user to seek further advice on the type of system needed for your energy needs. Our partner Amber can provide you with further information on their website if you click the link below for their solar and battery package.

Amber is Australian owned and backed by the Commonwealth Bank.

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