Working at Powerpal

At Powerpal we’re building Australia’s largest residential energy engagement platform. Our customers love us – they’re saving money on their bills and helping out with the climate crisis at the same time!

We’re full-stack from the batteries up. We design and manufacture our own IoT hardware which connects through our cross-platform mobile apps to a cutting edge cloud platform allowing us to build amazing customer experiences on top of huge volumes of data.

We build and maintain a React Native iOS/Android mobile app, a range of NodeJS, Go and Ruby microservice APIs running on Kubernetes, and a Bigtable/Bigquery/Dataflow big data platform – all hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

We love clean code, automated testing, CI/CD and believe in a true devops workflow where the same team designs, builds, tests, deploys and monitors end-to-end products.

We’re a fully remote team with huge amounts of flexibility and autonomy to set your own schedule and drive your own projects. Ideally you’ll be based close to Sydney, Melbourne or Wollongong so that we can get the team together for a couple of days per month to socialise and share ideas.

A typical day for the team

There are so many exciting projects to work on as the company accelerates that no two days are the same, but recently we have been mostly:

What we need you to have on your first day

What you’ll get to do


Our interview process

We like to keep our interview process as simple as possible while giving us all a chance to get to know each other. This is usually spread over a week or two, but if you’re on a tighter timeline just let us know and we’ll speed things up.

  1. Email a copy of your CV and a brief description of your current location and availability to
  2. If we think you’re a good match we’ll arrange a quick chat over coffee or VC to share more background about the role and make sure that we’re all still interested.
  3. We’ll give you a take-home coding challenge which should take about 2-3 hours. We’re far more interested in how you approach problem solving and write clean code than how quickly you can invert a binary tree!
  4. You’ll spend an hour talking about your previous technical experience and future goals with our CTO Rick Grundy.
  5. Our CEO Pete Neal will have a final chat to make sure that you’ll be happy at Powerpal and to check that you don’t hate puppies.
  6. We’ll make you an offer and you’ll become part of the Powerpal family!