Install Powerpal on your meter

Installing Powerpal on your electricity meter

Installing Powerpal on your home electricity meter only takes two minutes.
For a quick guide to the process just click play on the video above.

Installation instructions

  1. Find the flashing red light on the front of your electricity meter. It's important to identify the correct red light for your meter which may have more than one. These diagrams show the location for the most common smart meters.

    iCredit 500 smart meter iCredit 400 smart meter Landis + Gyr E350 smart meter EM 1200 smart meter Spriint 200 smart meter

    If in doubt, turn on a high-use appliance like a heater or electric oven and watch for the flashes!

  2. Make a note of the text near your red light which explains how many times your meter flashes for each kWh of energy your home uses. You'll need this number later on after installing the Powerpal app.
  3. Clean the area around the red light with the alcohol wipe provided. This is important to ensure your Powerpal remains attached for many years.
  4. Choose the best sticky-backed plastic plate for your meter. In most cases this will be the square plate.
  5. Remove the sticker cover, align the hole in the plastic plate over the red light and press into place for 30 seconds.
  6. Gently mount the Powerpal sensor lead to the plastic plate. It should be inserted in with the wire aligned horizontally on the right hand side and gently rotated a quarter turn clockwise to finish with the wire hanging straight down.
  7. Run the wire out of the bottom of your meter cabinet ensuring that it is well away from the hinge to avoid pinching.
  8. Sit the Powerpal antenna on top of the outside of your meter box. It will be held in place magnetically. It is important that the antenna is not enclosed inside the box to ensure a strong wireless signal to your phone.
  9. Tidy any loose wire into the bottom of your meter box and carefully close the lid.
  10. Install the Powerpal app on your mobile phone and follow the in-app instructions to pair with your Powerpal over bluetooth.